Day: April 2, 2019


How many times did you see a sullen face in reply to “Have you finished your homework”? Studying isn’t always a treat for children. However, most parents realize its importance and wish to make their kids study. Here, we offer a short list of tricks to involve your kid into learning without forcing.

Get involved yourself

Let your kid participate in your activities. For example, planning your travel, you can look at the Flightaware portal with your kid, look through the map and track your flight, watch the planes rise and land. Nice reason to talk about physics and geography. There is no point in saying how good the learning is until you show that on your own. Take your time to read a book with your kid and discuss it, to build a block house and find out its square.


However breathtaking your narrative could be, the crucial details might be lost, and the child might not remember them. Take a rule to make visual “anchors” when explaining some difficult issues. It can be a picture or a table drawn together with the kid and explained in playing terms. For example, a word composition can be explained in the chart of the “house”, where the root is the main body, the suffix is a roof, etc.


Be consistent

Going through some material with your child, do not skip the details, even if they seem unimportant. If the kid insists on repeating something, do it and check if there is any gap in his or her knowledge. If it is so, first fill that gap before going further. Make sure the base is learned, then proceed to details. There is no use explaining the chemical equations before letting know what the moles are.

Consider child’s interest

The psychological studies have proven that the knowledge gained during the game is worked out better than during dry lecturing. This is true for all ages. An element of playing can be introduced in any study, even into the most formal one. Discussing the formulas and tables, animate them with examples from the areas that are interesting for your child. Make Spiderman calculate the length of his jumps, or Elza travels through the countries of the world to find out which one is the coldest.

Do not demand

Studying doesn’t bring a result if isn’t provoked by the interest. Focusing on grades, you risk getting the knowledge without a perspective. Yet, if knowledge is gained on the base of the interest, it will carve in the memory and will be in most cases applied in further life. So, while stressing the importance of the math, don’t restrain your kid from drawing in the textbook – maybe, a future artist or architect is training the hand.